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  SDLS is in the business of providing seismic brokerage companies, exploration and production companies, and related oil and gas service companies with the industry's most complete and accurate seismic line database.

If a seismic line has been shot anywhere in Canada, chances are it can be found in SDLS. Besides line location itself, associated recording information such as vintage, fold, source type and other attribute data is also available for most lines.

• Currently the SDLS database contains over 500,000 2D lines and 3D outlines representing over 750 data owners;
• SDLS is an invaluable tool for locating existing seismic data;
• The SDLS database is used by over 85% of the seismic brokerage firms in Canada making it the database of choice for completing seismic transactions;
• The SDLS database in constantly being updated by the subscribing data brokerage companies;
• The SDLS database can easily be added as a data layer in any in-house mapping applications;
• The SDLS database can be provided in most industry accepted formats on a regular schedule;
• The SDLS database gets regular updates from all provinces and territories in Canada;
• The SDLS database also has significant onshore and offshore coverage in Northwest Territories, East Coast Canada and the United States, and;
• SDLS contains the industry’s only flagged “available layer” to identify data which can be Quality Inspected (QI’d) quickly to meet landsale or other similar deadlines.

SDLS is the source in Canada for seismic line location and associated attribute information.

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used by over 85% of
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