Data Sellers

  As a seismic data owner, you are sitting on a valuable asset. In today's era of tight budgets, sales of seismic data can add significantly to your company revenues. That's money that can be used for drilling, acquiring new seismic, data processing, and a host of other exploration and production purposes.

To maximize revenue from data sales, you'll need maximum exposure for your data locations.

SDLS is the only choice, as we're the seismic brokerage industry's most used database by far. Over 85% of the seismic data brokers in Canada use SDLS as their primary database.

There is no cost to you for listing your data. Simply provide an ends-and-bends file of your line locations along with a spreadsheet of recording parameter information (as available), and we'll promptly load your data and distribute to all SDLS users.

Be assured that we will not release ownership information to any companies with exploration and production activities. Your lines will be listed with no ownership information and no line numbers (just unique coded line ID numbers), guaranteeing your confidentiality. Only when you approve a line for Quality Inspection and sale will the prospective buyer have access to line number and other attribute information.

As an extra marketing bonus, your data locations will be listed anonymously on several online browsing applications used by hundreds of explorationists in search of data. This ensures your line locations are seen by the entire industry on their desk top every day.

For further information on data formats and requirements or to provide a listing of your proprietary data, please contact SDLS Inc.

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