Data Buyers

  Looking for onshore or offshore seismic data in Canada and North America? Look no further than SDLS. SDLS provides prospective buyers with access to seismic line information from other data owners in one easy to access database.

Data buyers can access information in the SDLS database by contacting any of the subscribing seismic data brokerage firms listed on this website. Any of these firms can provide information on a specified area which will outline what seismic line data may be available for purchase. The information provided to you will contain all available information on the seismic line that is contained in the SDLS database. The data buyer will have full access to seismic data while the anonymity of the data seller will be protected by the seismic data brokerage process.

SDLS data can also be provided to potential data buyers by subscribing to regular updates of the SDLS database. Subscriptions can be provided in most industry accepted formats for in-house software applications to access.

For more information on data subscriptions, please contact SDLS Inc.

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